Voltaire Studio Iconography Pilot

This is the pilot for an online digital supplement to the Œuvres complètes de Voltaire containing manuscripts photographed and annotated to the highest standards. Thanks to a grant from the Polonsky Foundation, two collections will initially be made available. The Lambert-David Collection is a major ensemble of eighteenth-century manuscripts relating to Voltaire, hitherto largely unknown to scholars and running to several hundreds of pages, mainly of letters, verse, and documents. The second set of manuscripts, belonging to the Voltaire Foundation at the University of Oxford, were assembled by Theodore Besterman and contain both working drafts and contemporary copies of works by Voltaire, as well as dozens of letters, often autograph originals. The latest standards-based digital techniques—including IIIF and W3C's WADM—enable development both of transcriptions and scholars' analyses to be made searchable and connected interactively with locations on high-resolution imagery of the original pages. CERN's Invenio repository technology ensures both portability of this new research investment and long-term digital preservation. Enter a search term or click the 🔍 to start.